When you want to start producing travel videos people actually want to watch, you need to put a little extra thought into what you’re doing. Not sure how to do it? Luckily we’ve covered everything you need to know.

Remember Your Audience

If you want to increase your YouTube views, you’re going to have to remember that you’re not just shooting home movies anymore. Of course you want to enjoy the process, but make sure you create content that includes things your audience are going to want to see. Amazing views, your incredible tour guide, and your reactions to some of the activities you got up to — these are just the sorts of things that will have people coming back to your channel over and over again.

Keep it Short and Sweet

When you edit your travel videos there’s nothing more important than focusing on the length. You want to be able to tell an amazing story in seconds, not hours. Remember that you’re shooting and recording moments, not producing a feature length documentary.

Convey Your Excitement

The best travel videos make the viewer feel like they’re really there, so make sure you get your excitement across as naturally as possible. If you can find the right balance between informing and entertaining, you’ll make everyone feel like they’re enjoying the moment with you.

Choose the Right Hardware

Searching for the best travel camera may feel like the journey that never ends, but it doesn’t have to be that way. What you need to remember is that whilst there are certain cameras with higher specs than others, the best one for you is always the one you feel comfortable with. Take the time to try a few out, consider practical things like weight and battery life, and then find the right fit for your next adventure.

Get to Know Your Software

If you’re just starting out and want to get things moving, a free piece of software will be just fine. And if you want to really delve into the fine details, consider investing in something a bit more heavyweight like Adobe’s range of options. The key thing is that whichever route you decide to go down, you need to get to know your software. Once you do that you’ll be able to increase your views virtually overnight.

Be Original

The most important thing about creating great travel videos is to be original. It’s what allows the unique aspects of your story to shine through, and it’s what will set you apart from everyone else. Get it right and you could really be onto something.