We believe that time is the most valuable item when you travel and short travel videos between 1-2 minutes from travelers, where have been experienced a guided tour in your chosen destination will be the biggest time saver for travelers around the world. Our vision is to bring the mouth-to-mouth propaganda about guided local activities between travelers online through self-made videos.

The online platform works as C2C travel market, where traveler can

  1. Be inspired from other travelers about their guided activities in a destination or
  2. Share his guided tour with all other travelers around the world.

Tell Me Your Story is an independent C2C traveling platform for local guided tours Activities through all over World. The main content is based on self-made videos from the travelers. A platform from travelers for travelers.

No, of course not. It still feels right to read and also get inspired through blog articles. We want to bring travel videos in a structure way as an additional inspiration tool to travelers find their best local tour guide.

Time Saver – you can find your activity very fast through search filters. But much more important you can find similar traveler with similar interests.

Inspiration – Take 10min of your times and you can watch 5-10 authentic videos from guided actitivy in your destination. Maybe you get inspired for a new adventure?

What you see is What you get – Travel Videos with Selphie Sticks or cuted through Quick from Go Pro are not professional, but they are authentic and give you the best content, what you can expect from a guided tour.

Skip expensive intermediaries – Most activities can be book through Online Travel Agents, local hotels or Travel Agents. The price to book through OTA’s or Hotels can increase the price between 15%-100%.

Help local tour guides – Many local tour guides have no budget to create their presence in the internet.

You are acting as a middle man and help the local tour guide for his bookings. At the moment is there no function, that you can pay online so there is only a chat function. If you don’t like to be involved, please contact us through the chat on the website or support@tellmeyourstory.io.

No, at the moment you only can increase your audience on your youtube channel. We have in a next step the plan, that for all sold tours you arrange a commission with your local tour guide. For all sold bookings, you will get out of an affiliate program YOUR SELFDEFINED Fee.

All travelers, who has experienced a guided tour. You will need to create a profil on Youtube for uploading your video and  you also need a profil on Tell Me Your Story. Here is a complete guide about the process.

The video should be between 1-2 minutes.

Imagine you explain your guided tour to a buddy in your hostel. When you have experienced a great tour, you will pitch him the highlights but also the parts where are important to know (i.e. sleeping in a tent, exhausting, no fear of highs etc.) Exactly this storyline should be in your video. short cut videos of 3-4 seconds (great moments), can be easily connect with Quick (Freeware) and the whole video is very content for your community.

No, this is not possible. Only participants of your tours can create listings on Tell Me Your Story.

It is very simple: take your action camera, Iphone or camera out of your pocket and record your great experience with your tour guide. We have create here a Blog Article about how you create a good listing on Tell Me Your Story.

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