Diving in Egypt offers diverse marine life, historic shipwrecks, and access to the Red Sea. It is rated as one of the finest countries for diving and snorkeling in the world. Diving in general, Egypt is also known for its breathtaking reef, which extends for miles along the vast coastline and consists of 200 different types of coral.

Possessing the clearest blue water, diving sites such as the Shark and Yolanda Reef provide underwater visibility for up to 50 meters. Egypt’s diving activities are most popular at Hurghada, which is among the largest coastal resorts in the country having transformed from a small village many years ago. Avid divers in Egypt will find many places across the land and sea that create a rewarding Mediterranean experience.

We look at Egypt’s best five dive spots in 2020 and the reasons these beautiful locations should be a part of your travel bucket list!


Hurghada tops the list as the most sought-after diving spot in Egypt. It was transformed into a large resort from a quaint fishing village, and now offers shallow, calm waters great for divers of all experience levels. Many of the diving schools perform classes here. For advanced divers, moving further out into the deeper water provides spectacular encounters with fish, coral species and marine life. One can access various wrecks and living reefs from Hurghada, which offers a departure point accessing the Red Sea.

Big Brother and Little Brother Reefs

A visit to the Big Brother and Little Brother Reefs in Egypt provides a thrilling experience for more experienced divers. Owing to the unique flow of currents, the region attracts a myriad of marine life, including sharks and large fish throughout the year. The Big Brother and Little Brother Reefs can be accessed 70km from the El Quseir port. It spans across a length of 400m with all species of coral discovered along the way. It also attracts many visitors to the unique spot where one can witness the Numidia, a shipwreck that was sunk way back in 1956. You can reach the Two Brother Reefs from Hurghada and the Marsa Alam Port. If you are planning on diving in general Egypt, a visit to the Two Brothers Reef is certainly a must.

El Quseir

El Quseir is an ancient part of Egypt believed to date as far back as 4000 to 5000 years. Considered a small diving location, beginners looking to dive in Egypt in 2020 can enjoy the calm shallow waters near the shore. Advanced divers can move further out into the sea and experience the colorful corals in the splendor of exotic fish from the Red Sea. From El Quseir, you can explore the deeper reef by taking a day boat to the Elphinstone Reef. From this location, you can view the local wrecks and ancient ruins along with hammerhead sharks in summer and Oceanic Whitetips through fall.

Shaab Samadai

Shaab Samadai, otherwise known as the Dolphin House, is a popular diving spot in Egypt. The reef possesses a unique horseshoe shape and has been designated a haven for dolphins within the coast looking to swim alongside divers or move out into the ocean with freedom. Snorkel along the reef or visit the immense canyons along the reef edge. For a relaxed diving experience with incredible sights, the southern end of Shaab Samadai introduces plant life among turtles, eels, barracudas, and beautiful schools of smaller fish.

Shark and Yolanda Reef

Commonly known as Ras Mohammed National Park, this impressive reef includes protected corals so large; it peaks the waterline. The coral reef displays a vast range of colors you can experience throughout the year. Divers explore the region to see the Yolanda shipwreck that remains in the shallows along with its cargo. It is a good idea to visit one of Egypt’s best diving spots in the summer months when a variety of large schools of fish appear to dance among the reef.

Visiting the Best Dive Spots in Egypt

In 2020 Egypt offers an experience of a lifetime! For the diving and snorkeling enthusiast, the immense marine life and untouched corals create unforgettable underwater encounters. From the hammerhead sharks along the Elphinstone Reef to the ancient wrecks and marine animals from the Red Sea in Hurghada, plan your Mediterranean holiday diving in Egypt’s beautiful waters.