Known for its verdant rolling hills, eclectic food scene, and rich culture, Vietnam boasts idyllic beauty. Perhaps, the best way to admire it all is by taking a long walk through its lush landscapes.

Some of the best hiking trails are found in the picturesque northern region of the country. Whether you are an adventure-seeker, an explorer, or a nature lover, there is a perfect Vietnam hiking tour Here are 5 top scenic hiking trails that will get you inspired to go hiking in North Vietnam.

Note that you can opt to go unguided or buy a guided tour to explore these trails.

Sapa Vietnam Hiking Trail

When talking about hiking in Vietnam, Sapa is the first that springs into the mind, and for a good reason! Full of green rice paddies, terraced farms, small villages, and their unique customs, it unveils a modest side of the country. It is scenic and serene. You walk on off-road paths rolling between plunging mountains.

Its beauty is so surreal, you could easily get lost in it. The path is perfect for travelers or holidaymakers looking for an outdoor activity to revitalize themselves inside-out. Dotted with many small villages, the trail becomes a mecca for culturally-curious explorers.

Since Sapa is one of the best hikes in Vietnam and hence popular, you will find several tour options, included guided ones. Comfortable accommodations and cheap treks are also available.

Depending on your trekking level, you can take a 10-day tour that encompasses a wild variety of streams, peaks, and valleys. The trail begins at Huong Hum Commune. A shorter trail takes up- and down-hill to Nam Pung Village.

Starting just outside the Sapa Town is the hardest, but 1-day trail. It climbs the tallest peak in the nation, Fansipan or “the Roof of Indochina” and ends in stunning panoramic vistas.

Hoang Lien National Park Hike

Enjoy another tour of trekking in Vietnam through the verdant Hoang Lien National Park. The tour can last from 3 to 5 days, making it another adventurous option for the daredevil wayfarers. The famous trail takes you from the lush green park to the Lao Cai province.

The hike walks you via many gorgeous milestones such as Seomity, Den Thang, Nam Toong, Giang Ta Chai, and Ban Lech. On your way, you camp on the dewy greenswards before reaching the final destination, Lao Cai, a Black H’mong village.

This northwestern region of Vietnam is brimming with natural beauty. There are bamboo forests, thunderous waterfalls, streaming rivers, high mountainous peaks, and several cultural hill tribes.

In a nutshell, the trail is for you whether you are seeking to enjoy natural scenes, admire Fansipan, take 360-degree views from Hàm Rồng peak, or to witness H’mong daily life.

If you are looking for a short way to explore the national park on foot, take the hidden trails that start at Tram Ton Pass. They teem with equal scenic appeal, tribal people, and ends in 5-7 hours.

Whichever Vietnam hiking tour you take, make sure to keep your camera charged, you will be toting it a lot and often.

Mai Chu Hiking Trails in Vietnam

Nestled 130km away from boisterous Hanoi and 60km from Hoa Binh, Mai Chu is cupped in a peaceful valley, enclosed by Thai villages. The blissful region is shrouded in fog, and sneaking from under the fog is greenery, streams, and waterfalls.

If you are someone who doesn’t want to confine the adventure to a couple of trails, Mai Chu is the best hiking location for you! The town is crisscrossed by an abundance of trails, which include off-beaten as well as well-defined paths. This also means that hikers of all skill levels can come here and have enjoy a spectacular walking holidays in Vietnam.

This is trail is also perfect for those looking for some casual hiking in Vietnam. You traverse a stunning landscape of rice fields and tiny villages, where you will be able to watch the local lifestyle in action.

Since the trails are dotted with dozens of small hamlets, you will easily find an accommodation too. Throughout your hike, you will discover many of them, including Lac, Pom Coong, Buoc, and Mai Hinch villages.

The same trek will take you to the natural wonder that is Mo Luong cave. The name translates to Big Course of Stream. It was inspired by the stream that runs inside the caves, out to the man-made Mo Luong Pond.

Depending on your choice, you can take a trek that lasts between 2 to 7 days.